Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A return to blog land

I realize that I've been absent from this place all summer. It has been a great summer and I really enjoyed being able to do lots of fun things with my family and spend some extra special time with my daughter.

I'm still sorting through photos and what I want to update on so for now, I'll leave you with some of my favorite links.

Scroll down to the previous post and you'll see Vanilla Joy. They are a new discovery to me but it looks like I'll enjoy that blog for a long while.

There are so many more that I love to check in on everyday. Hopefully you'll enjoy these 3 ladies and their fun crafts, stories and photos. I'll be back with more links and hopefully a fun post of one of our summer adventures.

A Fun Give Away!

Vanilla Joy is having a fantastic giveaway this week! You should click on this link or the above button to check out all of the fabulous things they're giving away. Lot's of luck. I'm hoping for the cricut so we can have loads of family fun!