Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Growing Up

I was looking at some pictures of Lala yesterday and I came across this one (to the left) of her playing posing with a dog. That was last October. Lala was almost 1 1/2 there. Now she is almost 2 1/2 and I am amazed at how quickly she has grown! She has gotten taller and smarter, better at running and playing as well as doing things on her own.

I love to look at her. Some days she looks like me, but most days she looks like her Daddy. I am also amazed at how briliant this child is. I know every mother or father thinks the same thing about their child and I am no different. She loves to sing her ABC's, count, read books, make up stories about books, pretend, and all of those other wonderful things toddlers do.

Today Lauren put Ted, her bear, into timeout. Apparently he wasn't listening or something like that. Wonder who he gets that from? Silly. Just another stage in growing up. She's mimicking what her Daddy and I do a lot lately. Guess we need to be careful more so than ever with what we say and do!! She's also gotten better at telling us what her likes and dislikes are. It's great to see her growing up, but also just a little bit sad because she will never be little like this again. Here's another picture of Lauren from this past weekend of pumpkin picking at Berry Patch Farms.

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