Monday, November 19, 2007

Carolina wha?

UPDATED ** Check out the photo of Lizary. Yes, Lala has named him. At least, we think Lizary is a boy.

This is how our lunch started out today.

me: Honey?
him: yes.
Lala: Daddy! Daddy! Come. here.
him: sighing, ok.
me: can you help me get the lid off of this box so you can capture Lala's lizard.
him: her what?
me: Lizard. You know, the thing with the tail?
him: oooook.

*we are looking around to find the elusive lizard that's been living in my office since last thursday. Our 2 Jack Russell Terriers kept wimpering at the wall, and I just thought they were high or something. No, turns out they had cornered a lizard and I was just too lazy to investigate it. Back to the conversation.

me: now, make sure it goes in the box, Lala really wants to look at it.
him: I don't know if I can get him in the box, but I'll try.
me: ok. (backing up)
him: Oh, this is just a Carolina Anole. Harmless.
me: A what? Carolina who? Aren't we in Georgia?
him: (a bit exhasberated) Carolina Anole honey.
me: Whatever, did you get him?
him: yes.
Lala: Cool! I'm going to keep him. Forever.

So now, for the moment, we have a Carolina Anole in our kitchen (in a bug box). I'll post the picture in a bit when the little one has calmed down a bit more. Now to find out what they eat.

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