Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lizary :: our new friend

Well, as some of you now know, we have a Carolina Anole living at our house. In a cage. He chose us as his winter vacation resort this year. We were just as suprised as he was. Anyhow, we've gotten him a larger cage and some food from Petsmart. I don't know how long Lizary will be living with us, but we've already bought the book, gotten the crickets, pimped out the cage, and we're thinking of getting a more permanent place for him to stay. At least while it's cold, or that's what we keep telling ourselves. Lala thinks we'll have him forever. Oh dear!

So far, Lizary (lala's name for him) seems to be a pretty happy camper. I'm worried that he'll get too cold in our house, but my husband says all he needs is a desk lamp and some leaves and the occasional cleaning of the cage and he'll be just fine. Does this mean that I'm in charge of all of this? Ummmm, no. I won't touch a cricket and you can forget cleaning lizard poop. I can't imagine there's all that much of it but people I have done my duty. I saved the little guy from our Jack Russell's. The husband? He can do it.

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