Friday, September 10, 2010


Better late than never, but our sweet Lexie was born on December 21, 2009. Our best Christmas present ever!

This sweet girl that has come into our lives is amazing. Not just the "she's the cutest thing ever" way, but how god answered my prayers with her. She has the sweetest disposition. She is always smiling. She is amazingly patient. LOVEs to sleep. Is a great nurser and overall eater. Amazing. Have I told you? : )

Babies are truly a gift from our father in heaven. I love waking up to her talking (babbling really) and just delight in the fact that it's a new day. Recently she has started playing while standing up and holiding onto something. It's hillarious and extremely scary. But she's ok. I find that with the second child I'm not as crazy about her falling down or trying things out for herself.

Her big sister is in total heaven. Loves this little baby as if she were her own most days. Wants to hold her all the time. I am really enjoying my front row seat in the relationship that is developing between them. I hope they will always love each other and truly want to spend time together.

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