Monday, August 22, 2011

2nd Grade - already? So what does baby sister think?

It's hard to believe but my sweet Lauren has started 2nd grade this year. It seems like yesterday we were preparing to have a Kindergartener. She is very excited to start the school year, but I think that's mostly so she'll have plenty of kids to play with everyday. We have some great kids here in the hood, but nothing like school friends that play everyday. 

Sweet Lexie is lost without her big sister. Every morning she comes down saying "Hey" to a sister that's already gone to school. So far, we've played blocks, called on the pretend phone, climbed into chairs and pulled stuff off of the counters and table, defeated the baby gate and made it upstairs into rooms that are not designed for babies. My challenge is presenting her with enough to do during the day, yet not so much as to bore her quickly. I have noticed in the last few days that she seems to be picking up words much faster than before. You can't really understand what she might be saying, but I think with a little context you can get the gist. She definitely likes to fuss at you if you tell her "NO" or take her away from something she really wanted to be doing. It's actually quite funny.

Lauren came home with her first homework - real homework since 1st grade was a month's worth of suggestions that did or did not have to be done. So far she has jumped into it and finished it right up when she gets home. Let's hope this trend continues so she'll be good at getting it done and then go out to play and wear out some of that extra energy. 

I can't believe how quickly Kindergarten and First Grade went by. While I enjoy quick and easy days, I do find myself trying to make each one count with the girls. They will only be little this one time and so on days that are hard, whiney or extremely difficuly I try my best to be thankful for my sweet little ones. I kiss them everynight and tuck them into bed. I pray over them constantly. I am so proud of my girls. They are good friends and very smart. I look forward to everything La is going to learn this year. I hope she masters the art of Math and continues to keep up with her reading. 

Friday, September 10, 2010


Better late than never, but our sweet Lexie was born on December 21, 2009. Our best Christmas present ever!

This sweet girl that has come into our lives is amazing. Not just the "she's the cutest thing ever" way, but how god answered my prayers with her. She has the sweetest disposition. She is always smiling. She is amazingly patient. LOVEs to sleep. Is a great nurser and overall eater. Amazing. Have I told you? : )

Babies are truly a gift from our father in heaven. I love waking up to her talking (babbling really) and just delight in the fact that it's a new day. Recently she has started playing while standing up and holiding onto something. It's hillarious and extremely scary. But she's ok. I find that with the second child I'm not as crazy about her falling down or trying things out for herself.

Her big sister is in total heaven. Loves this little baby as if she were her own most days. Wants to hold her all the time. I am really enjoying my front row seat in the relationship that is developing between them. I hope they will always love each other and truly want to spend time together.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A new baby, A new title, and hopefully a LOT more posting!

I can't believe I've been away from this place for so long. I'm sure the few of you that actually looked to see a new post have long given up. Please come back! LOL. My hope and plan for this year is to post more about what is happening with us so our friends and families can keep up with our girls as they grow before our very eyes!

As for the latest news, I am due to have a new baby today. But so far, she's not ready to join us. This will make baby #2 for us and a whole new way of life! Blake finally graduated college today - I'm so proud of him! It's been a long, hard road, but he's been very diligent and tried to make sure everyone was taken care of, school attended and grades made so he could get to this final point in his life. We are SO proud of you!!

Lala is now in Kindergarten and growing like crazy. At last check she was somewhere around 42 lbs. She is over 3 feet tall and getting taller and prettier with every moment. God has been so good to us. We are now anxiously awaiting the birth of "little sister" as we refer to her and hoping for Christmas as a family of 4.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Give aways!

One of my most favorite blogs, Skip to My Lou, is hosting a fabulous give away. She always has great creative ideas and tips for you and your children. Today, she is having a give away for some fantastic photo postage stamps, and a Lil Sprout Greeting Cards. Go check it out. And get ready to get creative for the holidays!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A return to blog land

I realize that I've been absent from this place all summer. It has been a great summer and I really enjoyed being able to do lots of fun things with my family and spend some extra special time with my daughter.

I'm still sorting through photos and what I want to update on so for now, I'll leave you with some of my favorite links.

Scroll down to the previous post and you'll see Vanilla Joy. They are a new discovery to me but it looks like I'll enjoy that blog for a long while.

There are so many more that I love to check in on everyday. Hopefully you'll enjoy these 3 ladies and their fun crafts, stories and photos. I'll be back with more links and hopefully a fun post of one of our summer adventures.

A Fun Give Away!

Vanilla Joy is having a fantastic giveaway this week! You should click on this link or the above button to check out all of the fabulous things they're giving away. Lot's of luck. I'm hoping for the cricut so we can have loads of family fun!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer time

Sorry to be an ever absent blogger. Life is busy. But you all know that. There is too much going on and I just can't seem to keep up with Lala being out of school and lots of work to do. I'm going to be taking a break from blogging (as if I haven't already) to enjoy time with my daughter, afternoons at the pool, trips to visit family and of course my regular work load. 

I do hope your summer is fun and exciting. I will be back. Take care internet friends.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wedding Fun

Holy Smokes! I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd posted anything. We have been very busy at our house and just returned home from a wonderful wedding weekend. My best friend got married up at Brasstown Valley Resort in north Georgia this past saturday. She looked absolutely amazing and we had so much fun. I'm going to post some of them so you can see just how much fun was had. 

Our weekend started by going up early on Thursday s
o the bride could relax and we could finish putting together her goodies for her guests stay and the reception. After that we spent plenty of time relaxing and having a good time without children present. It was a fun night.

Friday was a busy day. It began with a light breakfast and then getting ready for the bridesmaid's luncheon. Held in the tack room at Brasstown Valley Resort, we were treated to a delicious lunch and fantastic gifts from the bride. My daughter, the flower fairy, was able to check out the horses and run around without bothering too many people. After the luncheon we had a few hours to relax and see more of the property. 

The rehearsal began promptly at 4 in the afternoon with the bridal party wearing the shirts given to us from the bride. Pictures were taken, laughs exchanged and a bit of crying as the maid of honor (sister) stood watching her older sister practice her vows. It was a bitter sweet moment and I'm so honored to have been a part of the entire process. After our tears were dried, clothes changed and moods lightened, we all headed to Crane Creek Vineyards to enjoy a fabulous dinner accompanied by delicious wine. Blake and I had been there before for another one of our friends' wedding. We were amazed at all of the changes that had taken place since we'd last been there. 

The children played in and around the vines, took in the view at the lake and picked the flowers (sorry guys!). They were cute and pretty well behaved considering it was bedtime. 

For now, I'll leave you with some pictures from Crane Creek and I'll work on a wedding day post for tomorrow.