Friday, August 03, 2007

Sidewalk Chalk

A sunny day, a bucket full of chalk and nothing to do....wait. I know! Let's go outside and play with the chalk on the sidewalk! Lala and I had a great time playing with the chalk. She gave me some direction as to what I was to draw. Once finished, she added some of her own touches.

Lala was busy drawing circles to jump in and out of. It was her game. I was given pointers on exactly how the game was to be played and the technique I should use. Her most favorite thing to do lately is jump. She jumps on the bed, ground, stairs, my feet, daddy's feet, in the kitchen and many more places.

We are heading up to the lake tomorrow so hopefully she'll get some of her jumping energy out by swimming. If not by swimming, then the climb back up the hill to the house!

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