Monday, October 01, 2007

An Evening to Remember

Saturday night my immediate family and I went to a dinner at the Atlanta Country Club. My Aunt Leslie's friend, Madeline and her husband, had a dinner for friends and family of my aunt so we could share our stories and memories with one another. It was really a nice evening. A very difficult one, but nice. I loved hearing from the peoples whose lives were touched by my aunt. She was truly a magnificent woman. She was very loving to everyone and it was just so amazing to be around her.

I wish everyone could have known her. She was that great. Lala still misses her and thinks she's coming home soon. I don't quite know how to explain death and heaven, so I am very broad in what we talk about. I wish she didn't have to experience this while she is so young. For now, we pray together for our family, god's continued grace and strength and blessings upon everyone we love.

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