Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A friend comes home

My friend Vanessa whom I've known since we were in middle school came home from Iraq. She's been home since the last week of August, but pretty much jetted back out of the country (to visit a friend in Germany) having been home only a few days. She's back now, and so I can finally publish this post.

My family and I along with her family and friends went to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport to greet her when she landed. We were all lined up with
posters, flowers, flags and big smiles. There are eighty seven million pictures at this link while only a few are up here. Julia Harding from Fox 5 was there to interview Vanessa and capture her coming home, but I don't think it ever aired. Oh well, she was pleased as punch to have us all there to see her and was even more suprised to have the tv station there.

Lala was very excited to see Vanessa as she only remembers her from our lunch with her right before she left last December. She's finally getting old enough to remember some of my friends that she only gets to see occasionally. The pictures speak louder than any words I can possibly write, so here you go. Enjoy!

Vanessa will be leaving tomorrow to go to her new assignment in Mississippi. Hopefully we'll get to see her at Thanksgiving.

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