Saturday, October 27, 2007


Today's the big game. The biggest one of the year for Georgia. Our team is so young this year, I'm not sure how much of a dent we'll put into the game. But Florida has a young team too. I'm really hoping to suprise the Gators, but I just dont know if the Dawgs have it in them this year. I was so positive last year that they'd win, but alas, the hype that we're just not good enough got into us. We did make it to the Chic-fil-a bowl though and won, so that proves something right? Not to the gator fans.

To me, Florida is not so much tough as they have presence. Their team has the ability to scare us, probably because we haven't won a game against them in the last 16 or so match ups. I really hope today will be a turning point but I'm giving my beloved Dawgs a 40% chance at doing anything and that's high because we're so young! Let's hope I'm wrong and they kill the gators today.

I'll still be rooting on my red and black hoping they'll pull out a miracle of some sort. As for my husband, it's going to be a loud day and the TV is going to take the brunt of it. I suddenly feel the need to have snacks and a fridge full of beer ready for him. Have fun with your college football teams if they are playing today!

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