Monday, December 10, 2007

Game time is a comin

I am fortunate to be working the Chicfila Bowl again this year with one of my clients. Bob is shooting for the 2nd time and he's bringing back the team from last year. My team went and won the bowl, but this year it's Clemson vs. Auburn, so I'm excited but not as excited as last year. Trying to figure out what to do with my tickets will be the hardest part. I know so many Auburn fans it's not even funny.

Right now the plan is for Blake and I to go to the game, but I'm thinking of letting B go and take a buddy so he can have a really good time. Not too sure how the boss will like that one, but maybe he'll be ok with it since B will still be going. Tonight I worked on a prelimanary game book for the bowl. Bob is going to run it by the comittee to see if it's something they want to do and if so, then cool! I'll get to have a credit in the back showing that I worked on this book. How awesome will that be? Naturally I'll have to order a copy to keep showing I actually got published somewhere big.

Now, my hope is someone else will need my handy graphic design services. I can only hope.

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