Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beginning the New Year

(David at Chic-fil-A bowl)

Well, the end of 2007 was quite busy. Luckily, Blake was off and was able to be home to entertain Lala. I on the other hand was busy with the Chic-fil-A bowl. I worked once again with Bob on the photography team and it was a bit more fun this year. Since it was our 2nd time around, Bob was a bit more comfortable letting me see and do some of the activities I didn't get to do last year. I was still the Jedi and had to maintain the files and organize them, which is no big deal, but I also had a blast. The same guys plus one were there shooting and everyone was more relaxed and easy going.

We were stationed at the Hilton with the Auburn team. They were gr
eat. The coach was so friendly and the players were pretty nice, when you saw them. The Clemson team was across the street and the players were more friendly, but their coach wasn't so much. I can understand that, being that he's at a bowl game, trying to keep his team in line so they can play well.

Everyone knows at this point that Auburn won, but it was still a great game. My brother and his wife used the tickets we gave them for Christmas and sat in the nose bleeders - sorry David and Missy, but Missy did say how awesome it was to be able to see the entire field and be able to actually follow the ball! Anyhow, I was on the field for most of the game, and even got to take a few shots. They are in the books we published and will soon be available for purchase. I'll put up a link once I have it. So, there we are. Game over and the work after it almo
st done as well.

So, 2008. What's in store? Well, B was offered a different job with the bank that pays more (yeah god!) and will be moving over there in Feburary. I'm hoping he'll still be close enough to come home for lunch, but maybe not, though it's been so much fun while it's lasted. I have been working on books for the bowl and have a potential opportunity to do more work with one of the wedding photographers I work for. That would be another answer to prayer. Now, to figure out what to do about housing.

I have been getting that "move to another place" feeling for quite some time now, but I know that God has a plan and purpose for us and I'm waiting for him to move us.
These last couple of days have been a bit of an answer and so I feel that it's ok to move forward with at least looking. If the financial aspects continue to back us up, God provides a place, then we can get this place finished and on the market. It is so scary to actually type that. I've been thinking it for quite some time, and we've slowly but surely been working on things here and there. I am finally seeing just how much we need to do now and it's a bit overwhelming.

So, now that you know what's up, let me get back to what I should be doing! Have a great day!

(Missy at the bowl)

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